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Asked chase about switching freedom from Visa to MC...

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Re: Asked chase about switching freedom from Visa to MC...

WolfMan wrote:

My account has only been open for aprx. 1 month. 

I sent a secure message asking about switching from Visa to MC, and got a response that it would have to be escilated, then never heard anything back... 

I gave the reason that my Son's school lunch program only uses MC, and would like to use my Freedom card for that. 

Figured I'd get the wait 1 year that other have got. 


It's been a couple weeks, kind of forgot about it, even though I haven't heard anything, I log into my account today, and notice where it shows your card, I notice a second card with a different last four numbers underneath, showing the same info/transactions/etc. as the one above that has the last four digits of the one I have in my possession. 


Even the rewards site shows two cards now... I wonder if I'll be getting a Freedom MC in the mail soon...

Yup, did the exact same thing when I got mine in July. had the have the acct. open for 1 month then they could do the change.

EQ FICO 548 3/3/16
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