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Asking for CLI before I even receive card?

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Asking for CLI before I even receive card?

Just got approved for my first non-secured cc. Orchard Platinum Visa $300 CL. I do have a charge card with $800 CL.


I havent even receoved the card yet. Before I use it, can I threaten to cxl the card if I dont get a >$500 CL? I wont really cxl the card, but I just want a higher limit.


I've read where people have done this and it worked. I just say I was approved for another with a higher CL.



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Re: Asking for CLI before I even receive card?

IIRC, $300 is the norm when starting out with them. I can't speak to Orchard, but some do offer an increase if you threaten to cancel. If you do that, be willing to let it get cancelled because some CSRs will cancel it if you say the word "cancel". I had a partially secured Orchard ($500/$600) and threatened to cancel if they didn't unsecure it. They offered 50% off the next annual fee. OB died an early death.

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Re: Asking for CLI before I even receive card?

In my experience they wont budge and will just cancel if you threaten it. I had a 3k card and they gave me a 300 I called and tried and they just closed it.

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Re: Asking for CLI before I even receive card?

My experience with Orchard is that they're not motivated to keep you on at the expense of a CLI.


I closed my AF Orchard when Barclays offered me a no-AF Juniper card.  I did ask the CSR for a CLI before closing.  I had a pristine record with them - and my CR was even better than when they opened my account.  But they were clearly not interested.  Were willing to close the account without even so much as a good-bye kiss.  Smiley Very Happy  Which was fine with me.


I very much liked my Orchard for rebuilding.  But they play their game by their rules - let them help you rebuild.  And then move on when it's time.


You can do a search for Orchard on here - they used to have a pattern i.e. call and ask for a CLI every so often - don't know if it's still the same.


Congrats on your card!  And remember the size of the CL doesn't matter.  Just watch your reporting balance and PIF the card to avoid paying a cent of interest. 

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Re: Asking for CLI before I even receive card?

I know it doesn't apply as directly to your situation because this is a store card but I'm kind of tickled that I just got approved for a Lowes card. They'd called me to speak about my application so I called back and answered their questions and got approved with a $400 CL which was really low for what I was hoping for. The guy offered to transfer me to an underwriter, and asked me what I wanted. I asked for $1k. The underwriter came on the line and reviewed my app and then gave it to me.


Thanks to you and this forum for letting me know that things like this is possible. Just have to ask! I don't know if he pulled an inq again but I doubt it because they would have just done it a couple days ago and he would have been able to see that?

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