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Auto pay PSA

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Auto pay PSA

I went to set up auto pay on my newest PenFed credit card and I noticed that the auto pays I had set up for my other 3 PenFed cards were gone. Not sure when this happened but it's a little disconcerting. Then I started checking some of my other accounts and noticed my Kohl's auto pay was gone as well. I always set these up as soon as I get a new card and I always select the option for no end date. I was thinking if I ever ended up in a coma or something I'd have time to recover without missing any payments. Now I'm not so sure. I'm going to review all my accounts now and periodically. I just thought I'd share my experience with you all in case you want to double check your accounts. 

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Re: Auto pay PSA

Do you remember if you set up auto pay in app or online with PenFed?


I thought I found the same issue a few month's back, then had the auto pay - pay twice and discovered (at the time) app and web didn't show the other. Now I can't find auto pay in app, but had already corrected it to not double pull payments. 

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Re: Auto pay PSA

@chiefone4u that's really odd.
I'm almost 100% sure I've only ever set them up online not with the app but I set some of them up a few years ago. When I look in the app and online now they all seem to match exactly. Since I only schedule the minimum amount due and I always pay in full anyway it won't matter if there are two scheduled per month because they should all get automatically canceled anyway. Unless I actually am in a coma. But with only the minimum amount due being paid I could go for months or years with double minimum payments so I guess I can live with that.
You can find autopay in the app by selecting make payment on the account and then selecting scheduled payments. 

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