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B of A raising my fixed rate to variable

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Re: B of A raising my fixed rate to variable

rmjse wrote:
Just got the letter too for my BoA CC. I have had it for 7 years now. Never went over my credit limit, never ever was late on a single payment. Balance right now is zero, and they decided to raise it from a fixed 8.99% to a variable 16.49%. I called them and complained. The representative was honest with me and told me that BoA is hurting real bad because of the economy and they have to make money somehow. He then offered me a fixed rate of 12.99%, which I had to accept since you can never trust a variable APR. I advised him that I am not happy about this and will not use the card anymore and will start looking for a new CC company. He said they will call me if they can get the rate lowered anymore. I guess you can't do anything about it these days Smiley Sad

glad you were able to have it lowered somewhat, what number did you call btw?

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