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BOA 3,2,1 remove annual fee?

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Re: BOA 3,2,1 remove annual fee?

Thanks everyone!!!


I tried on Facebook. And that worked. Kind of... 



I got refunded last years annual fee. So that is great!!! But then when I go in to my account the annual fee still comes up. If they had removed it, it would say 0.00 next to annual fee right, but nope, it still shows what I will be charged 

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Re: BOA 3,2,1 remove annual fee?

When they removed my AF, that page still show an AF, it took several day for the page to update.


If they told you they will refund the AF and remove it permanently, they will. I'm sure the page will update at some point, just be patient.

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Re: BOA 3,2,1 remove annual fee?

Awesome! Thanks for the info. Well they didn't tell me they were going to remove it. All they told me was that they would look into removing the annual fee and giving me a refund for last years fee and that they would call me to let me know. But looks like they will since I just got that refund Smiley Happy 

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