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BOA 99/500 unsecuring experience

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BOA 99/500 unsecuring experience

Just thought I would post my experience this morning with BOA.  I hit the 9 month mark last week, so decided to call.  I called the 4696 number and asked about unsecuring.  The CSR informed me that it would be a hard pull on my credit report.  I agreed and she put me on hold for a minute or 2.  She came back and said "congratulatios, you are now unsecured and your limit is now 1000.00."


I then asked about a product change.  She said that she did not handle that area and she would transfer me to someone else.  This CSR said that they do not do product changes, you must apply for a new card.


After further reading on the forums, I decided to try again.  I called one of the credit analyst numbers listed above and spoke to another CSR.  He also told me no go.  They don't change cards without a new app.


I had decided to give up for a few months, but read some more posts and decided to just call the number on the back of my card.  IT WORKED!   I asked this CSR if it was possible to do a product change from my current Platinum Plus card to a Worldpoints card.  He said "I think we can do that"  After about 30 seconds, he said I will get a new card in the mail with a different account number and I should shred the current one.  He said the new one will replace the old one.


I am not sure how that will report--will the old one just show closed?  Anyway, thanks to all who post on this forum.  It has truly changed my life. 

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