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BT onto Rewards CC?

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BT onto Rewards CC?

Sorry if this is the wrong section.


Basically, I have classes coming up next week and need to charge the tuition and books onto my CC.


I have a BoA World Points MasterCard and a Capital One card.


BoA currently has a balance of about $3500 with a CL of $6500.  Cap1 has a balance of $4500.


Tuition will be about $3500 or so not including the books which is more than I have left on my BoA.


I'd like to be able to charge all this onto my BoA card because I'd get 1% back which would be about $40, not a whole lot but every bit counts when you're a broke college student.


So would I be able to charge this onto my Cap1, BT it over to the BoA card and pay it off and receive rewards points for it or do I have to make the initial charge onto the BoA itself to get the points?


I should get my financial aid disbursement like a week or two after classes start so I'd be able to completely pay off the tuition+books and current balance I have on my card.

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Re: BT onto Rewards CC?

BT does not qualify for rewards.  You would have to BT first, then charge directly to the reward card.



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Re: BT onto Rewards CC?

--and once you BT onto a card, do NOT use it for purchases. Your payments will all go to the lower APR balance (generally the BT), and in the meantime, the higher APR balance (purchases) will keep accruing interest. DH got burned this way...
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