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Bank of America cli request question

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Re: Bank of America cli request question

@AverageJoesCredit wrote:
Hey everyone !! Awesome news!. I woke up this morning and noticed my last payment, which i made Friday , posted so i decided to check on my Boa app and lo and behold they DID give me a nice CLI to the tune of $4200 ! Thats a nice 2700 increase!. I did ask for 10,000 as suggested by Bowser, many thanks my friend!. When i did that for my Citi Dc , figuring if im gonna burn a hp ask for more than i think would give, they didnt even counter, " No soup for you!" .lol Smiley Happy

I am very happy with this amount.since it wasnt an instant approval, im not sure if i could have done the trick Bowser recomended about logging out than hitting it again. I still see the button there but have already froze my TU again. I dont want to push it too soon with Boa as it is great to get a cli just 3 months in. Thanks everyone for your thoughts!!

OUTSTANDING My Friend, Congrats!! 

I agree, your scenario does not justify pressing that button again. Just leave her alone for now and build some more history with these guys and they will reward you very well. 

I know you said the garden is where your headed, but if you decide to come out after 6 months or so, I am sure the 10k will be by far attainable. Good luck my friend and enjoy the new CL

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Re: Bank of America cli request question

Thanks Bowser much appreciated! It will feel great to reach that 10000 plateau!. Im almost there with my sams at 8 but to be able to get there with a major bank cc will be awesome!!. I feel great right now considering how far ive come . Thanks again been a pleasure reading your advise on the forumSmiley Happy
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