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Belk & Macys authorized user?


Belk & Macys authorized user?

My wife has both cards with 30 year history, low balance, no lates,etc. I just contacted Belk customer service and asked whether they reported AU's to CB's. She said they were reported as authorized user, but did not require ss# or DOB. She suggested I call the three bureaus to verify benefit to myself as AU.


Does anyone know if being added to one or both cards would help? GECRB/BELK and DSNBMACYS are the two cards in question. I've got no revolving cards yet, but was hoping that adding these and Cap1 secured would be a good start.


Thank you,


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Re: Belk & Macys authorized user?

Belk will report as an AU on your CBR. I am not sure about macys. They will need the primary account holder to call and request you be added to the account as an AU. They will only ask for first and last name. Its not going to have a massive impact on your scores but it may help them a bit, it really depends. :-) All GE AU's report. Not sure about Macy's though.

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Re: Belk & Macys authorized user?

Macy's DSNB does report AU for all account types.

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