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Bit the bullet....apped for Kohl's.

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Re: Bit the bullet....apped for Kohl's.

YoungEntrepeneur wrote:
Are they competing with Wal-Mart and Target?

I wouldn't think so, they don't really seem anything like either to me.

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Re: Bit the bullet....apped for Kohl's.

Ulan wrote:

UpUpUp wrote:

Maybe it's a marketing ploy to get you to buy more stuff?

Heh, you bet! Kohl's tries to get you to buy stuff all the time Smiley Very Happy. But it's nice to see that you are happy with your new card. Congrats!

Oh yeah, they are pretty good at it, too.  I'm to smart for their tricks, I beat them at a their own game. I also know their prices change every single day and since the store is so close to me I pop in a few times a week to catch the item I want at the higher sale price and then slap my stackable coupon on top of it! LOL

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Re: Bit the bullet....apped for Kohl's.

I just noticed this thread.  So funny.  We just "discovered" Kohl's about a month ago, even though we've lived within walking distance of a store for the last 3 years.  We just never knew what it was (despite the multi-page weekly ads in the newspaper) and just assumed that is something like a TJMaxx or Ross, neither of which we like very much.  Now we've been back a half dozen times.  Yes, the Kohl's cash thing is great.  And like UpUpUp said, the prices change so frequently that it pays to check a few times to snag the lower price.
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Re: Bit the bullet....apped for Kohl's.

They're like a small-scale, slightly wacko Macy's.

You almost have to haunt the store daily to make sure that you're getting the best deal. But when you catch a sale at the right time, you can get some great stuff.

I'm pretty lackadaisical in the shopping department, but I could see how someone who loves hunting bargains could go nuts there.
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