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BoA Forgiveness?

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BoA Forgiveness?

I had a CO with BoA, then settled with CA in January 08.

I'd like to try again with a major card...already have a DISC CO that I am paying on.

My EQ now is 646, it was around 500 until November of last year when I focused on fixing my credit. Since then, I have improved my util (currently under 10%), and had two collections removed (3rd removal was agreed to and should be done soon). I have 4 med collections that I am HIPAAing and all show as disputed on CR.

Anyway, do you think BoA will ever forgive me and give me another shot (even with the secured card), or should I go for a credit union card?



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Re: BoA Forgiveness?

Settlement is only year old. I am not sure if they consider your request. It does not hurt to ask. Good Luck.

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