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BoA hardpull for CLI?

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BoA hardpull for CLI?

In April I successfully requested a CLI on my then 6 month old Cash Rewards Visa Sig. from $7k to $10k.

I haven't checked my credit since but the free Credit Karma tool says I have now 4 inquiries on my EQ report even though there should be only three. It won't list the pullers, of course. Is it possible that BoA pulled hard? I guess I could pay on here to find out. However, I really don't want to spend the money right now.

When I requested the CLI, I did not speak to anyone at BoA. It just said to call for an instant decision but I didn't. Rather, after a couple of days, the new CL showed up online. I left the increase box empty, too.


What have your experiences been?

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Re: BoA hardpull for CLI?

I don't have any experience with this, but I thought it was pretty well known that a requested CLI from BOA is always going to be a hard pull. I heard they will even hard pull if you want to add additional funds to increase your limit on their secured card. Pretty good chance they pulled a hard on you. Have you checked your EX inquiries, I always thought BOA pulls EX.

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Re: BoA hardpull for CLI?

You can get an annual free credit report that should list what it is

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