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BofA Travel Rewards question


BofA Travel Rewards question

Does anyone know how their points convert to cash for the statement credit? Their website says 1.5 pts per $1 spent. Then, it says you pay for your travel with the card and call for a statement credit using points. Any idea how many points equal certain dollar amounts?

Cards in my wallet: BofA 1-2-3 Rewards - $3,000 (5/2012), Walmart - $350 (9/2012), Home Depot - $500 (10/2012), US Bank - $1,000 (11/2012)
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Re: BofA Travel Rewards question

You pay for travel first, then apply the points to the statement at 1 cent per point.


Feel free to check out my review on the card: Smiley Wink


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