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BofA World MC APR?

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BofA World MC APR?

I got a pre approved offer from BofA world MC with worldpoints in the mail. The APR was 0 % first  6 months, then 6.99% fixed for life(unless i miss a payment or something). I was pretty excited to see this rate, as the lowest rate on my other credit cards is 10.99 . Went ahead and applied, and got approved with a $7500 CL. I was still a little skeptical about the rate, and went to their site to check out the APRs they offer on this card, and it states its between 9.99-19.99 %. My question is when i actually get the card, they wont rate jack me will they? Also, other people with this card, what are your APRs?

They pulled TU for me, which is 758.

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Re: BofA World MC APR?

Finance  Charge Schedule
Promotional Corresponding Annual APR Balance Subject to
Category Transaction Types Daily Periodic Rate Percentage Rate Type Finance Charge
Balance Transfers 0.016164% 0.00% S $0.00
Offer CL3M-WM367 $0.00
Offer CL3M-WM368 $0.00
Cash Advances 0.068466% 24.99% S $0.00
Purchases 0.016164% 5.9% S
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Re: BofA World MC APR?

Smiley Happy


I've had 5.90 since Feb 2004



Promotional Offer ID CL3MWM369: The promotional Annual Percentage Rate (APR) Offer for this Balance Transfer is 0% through your statement Closing Date in 09/2009. Your promotional offer may end sooner. If you pay late, then as of the first day of the billing cycle in which that occurs, the promotional offer will end. When this Offer ends, the APR for this promotional balance will increase to 5.9%

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