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BofA auto cli

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Re: BofA auto cli

Scuba wrote:

BOA rarely does auto CLI.


How do we know this isn't an early April fools joke?Smiley Very Happy

Lol if it was an april fools joke I could have been a bit more creative. Maybe a non eo capital one cli instead of bofaSmiley Happy. I've seen 2 or 3 other posters get bofa auto clis in the last 6 months or so. It is pretty unusual but has happened occasionally in the past.


It took bofa about 5 years to give me my first auto cli, and I suspect that it may be 5 more until the next oneSmiley LOL

EQ 778 | TU 776
Barclay US Airways WMC 7.5k | BCE 5.8k | BofA Travel Rewards 9.1k | Chase Marriott Premier 13k | Citi TYP WMC 6.5k | Freedom Visa Sig 8k| Discover it 10k
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Re: BofA auto cli

I hit the love button 2 weeks ago, was given the ole 7-10 day BS. Called a back door number instanty approved for 3x. CLI. 500-1500.
Account was opened 8-12. I just asked for 1500 to get the card inline with my other cars that are 1500-2200.

CSR.........11,900.......Delta Amex $11,200.........Marriott Rewards Premier $8000.......Discover IT $9700......Citi Preferred $8600.......Chase Freedom $10,800.....Barclay(apple) $11,600......BofA $1500.......Capital One $7400......FNO $9800......Barclay(Hawaiian airlines)$11,000......Citi Costco $15,000. June 1st 2013 0 credit cards and 575 fico. Today 117K in credit and 812 fico and ZERO INQUIRIES......ZERO. 2018 goal. 825 fico.
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Re: BofA auto cli


I've had a BofA since 2011 and have yet to get an auto CLI. I just opened a few new cards with Chase, Discover and AMEX. My BofA Cash Rewards has become my gas card and the Better Balance Rewards will be my dental card.
PenFed AMEX: $5500 | AMEX BCE: $8300 | AMEX E: $5000 | BofA BBR: $5000 | Discover It: $6500 | CSP: $11500 | CF: $5500 | Citi DIVIDEND: $5700 | CITI TYP: $4600 | BofA CR: $7500 | CAP ONE Q: $3000 |

TU: 722 / EX: 763 / EQ: 735
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Re: BofA auto cli

it does happen! I started years ago with 1 card and 1500$ limit and believe me I never asked for a CLI and now have 2 cards with 5k each, one as a siggy. the second card started in 2011 with 2,5K. All CLI initiated by BofA but in small steps. I am fully happy with BofA and do not understand the many negs here. BofA was by the way also the ONLY major bank to get a new immigrant started w/o secured card and NO credit score/history. I am always grateful for this. At that time I almost gave up.
cheers Smiley Happy
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Re: BofA auto cli

i can also attest that BofA auto CLI's do happen Smiley Happy 


i started with CL of ~$4k in 2008 (BofA gold visa), and it was auto-increased in increments to $8.6k by 2012.


then, when i app'd and was approved for the BofA Cash Rewards visa sig (CL $10k) in Sept. 2012, i rec'd an auto CLI on my gold visa (to my surprise) to $9.4k

BofA visa $9.4k ... BofA Cash Rewards visa sig $10k ... Cap 1 Venture1 visa sig $10k ...
Chase Freedom visa $10k ... Macy's $1.5k ... Macy's Amex $5k ... Sam's Club $6.3k
myFICOs as of 3/25/14:...EX=809 .... EQ=802....TU=787
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