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CARE CREDIT Financing Question

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CARE CREDIT Financing Question

Tried to call those yo-yo's, but on hold for 10 minutes!  I want to see if I understand their promotional rates.


Charge at least $200 pay it in 6, 12, 18, 24 months for 0% interest.


Charge at least $2500 pay it in 60 months, 14.9% interest


So basically, I can charge the full $2500 and pay it inside of 24 months and receive no interest


I pay it in 60 months and pay 14.9%


I know there are a few peeps here who have utilized this card.  So, help a girl out PLEASE!





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Re: CARE CREDIT Financing Question

I have a Care Credit account.  I used it for LASIK Eye Surgery.  The doctor's office put me in for 12 months same as cash.  So I have 12 months to pay the balance or I will be charged interest.  The doctor's staff ask if I wanted 6, 12,  18,  or 24 months.  I chose 12 months.

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Re: CARE CREDIT Financing Question

Ok, good to know that the dr. office will key it in!  I was wondering 'who' chose it.  Glad to know I am in control, lol.


Thanks for your response!  Most Helpful!

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Re: CARE CREDIT Financing Question

You will need to ask the location you want to use it what they have... The options appear for certain when they go online to process the charge but they should be able to tell you how many months they offer.
Our vet told me 299 for 6 months and it actually came billed for 12 months!!
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