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CC's ......geesh!

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CC's ......geesh!

As i reported before I applied online for Macy's and nothing showed.  I contacted them a few days later I believe and was told I was denied and that I would get a letter in 7-10 days.  Well, still no letter from Macy's.  Should I call them again to find out what the deal is?


Also, in the mail I did get a letter from Hooters.  I was approved for their card last month.  this letter says that I received incorrect information when my app was processed.  Apparently my rates were incorroect:


Variable rate information:

The disclosed purchase margin was 9.95 percentage points....correct Purchase margin is 13.2 percentage points

The disclosed cash advance MArgin was 14.95 percentage points.....correct CAM is 18.2 percentage points

The disclosed DEFAULT MARGIN was 23.95 percentage points......correct DF is 20.20 percentage points.


APR of 16.70% is accurate based on the current Prime Rate.  Your APR is determined by adding the margin to the Prime Rate.




It was signed by the Presidentof Hooters....yeah right! lol!!!!!! 

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Re: CC's ......geesh!

I got that same letter from hooters a few days ago.

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