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Cap One Quicksilver?


Re: Cap One Quicksilver?

720andBeyond wrote:


New QuickSilver One card PC and a Credit Limit Increase success!!!


Okay today I made a post about the credit gardening that I had been doing for over a year now. I am 2 years and 2 months out of chapter 7 bankruptcy with an Equifax score of 688 and TransUnion score of 682. I contacted Capital One about their new QuickSilver card. The online CSR told me that I had the option to upgrade my 1.5 year old Capital One Platinum card with a $750 balance for the QuickSilver One card for average credit. He also told me that both my Capital One Rewards card and my new QuickSilver One card would be available for CLI's.


I was stunned lol. I said lets upgrade everything and so we went. Capital One gave me the Quicksilver One card with 19.8%(bad, but better than the 24.8% the Platinum card had) and they waived the $39 dollar fee. Again I was stunned, in a good way of course.


Next I applied for credit limit increases on both cards. I was awarded CLI's on BOTH cards!!!! I have only had one for a year and a half and the other for a year and two months. My new limits both increased $500 from $750 to $1250!!! I know it is not that much but I am very happy considering that many people seem stuck at $750 for EVER....which is horrible.



        Isn't it funny how everyone'd experience can differ? I'd really like to know what they are seeing on their computer when they pull acounts up. Are there alerts? If there are no alerts, at capital one specifically, are the requests useless and just a formality? Do they just play minesweeper and hit a rejection letter generator button?... haha

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Re: Cap One Quicksilver?

I finally got my QuickSilver (Visa) card in the mail today. It took a total of 10 business days after upgrading from the Capital One Platinum card (Visa).


I just need to call EO to increase might crappy $750 limit. 

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Re: Cap One Quicksilver?

mrmbluth wrote:

I finally got my QuickSilver (Visa) card in the mail today. It took a total of 10 bussiness days after upgrading from the Capital One Platinum card (Visa).


I just need to call EO to increase might crappy $750 limit. yea

yea i only have 1,000 gonna see if my luck can keep going

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Re: Cap One Quicksilver?

I opened 2 accounts with Cap One in the same day. I went on an app spree in April. My score dropped from a 720 to a 574. I got the Capital One Platinum with a $500 limit on it. My second card with them was the green cash rewards card. After being with CapOne for 4 months, I just emailed the executive office and I receive a call the next day and they change my CapOne platinum into the Quicksilver One card , and raised my limit from $500 to $1500. And with the green rewards card they gave me the 1.5% Cash back on that as well as te quicksilver. And no AF for either of them.


I think I had a pretty good(luck) experience with them because as of now, I have 23 hard inquires in the past 6 months. So I don't know what their stipulations are for getting whichever card, but I currently got my score up to 624(fico) 690 (usaa's scoring system) and a 625 CK score. And they told me after the call that they would have my limit raised to $3,000 in the next month or so.


I started in the credit steps program in April and I believe I may have skipped most of the in between stuff. This is my first post and I'm not sure what else to say besides just keep on them and they'll do you alright.


My other cards I applied for all within a week are as follows (I know alot of them are crap) Cap 1 Quicksilver (1500), Cap one rewards(1500). USAA Amex(2000), Paypal Extras(3000), Amazon (1400), Walmart (900). Lowes(800), Matrix Discover(300), Barclay Rewards(700),Credit one(had current automatic CLI after 2 months from 300 to 500), Applied bank(business)(500)


GECRB seems to be the easiest bank to get accounts and CLIs from.

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Re: Cap One Quicksilver?

Hello Everyone!


So my quick experience with my single Capital 1 card: I have had my Capital One Platinum Visa card since 2010, with a starting limit of $500 increased to $2500. I used to check regularly to see if my account was eligible for any upgrades (never was.) I even called several times to have it product changed to the Venture card or the Cash Back Green Card, with no success. After reading this post I decided to contact them through chat. Low and behold after 15 minutes and three agents my card was upgraded. At first they wanted me to stay at the Platinum Visa level, then I was told it would be automatically upgraded to Visa Signature with this product change. I asked various times about this, as my account has a CL of less than $5,000 and was told it is indeed a Visa Signature. Hopefully I will recieve my card in 7-10 days-  will update accordingly. If everything turns out as planned, I have to admit I will be quite impressed.

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Re: Cap One Quicksilver?

I signed up for the Capital One Cash Rewards Mastercard in December 2012. Initially, the limit was $500 until May 2013, then (with the Credit Steps program they automatically enrolled me in) I got a CLI to $750 until October, when I requested and was denied a CLI but about 20 days later granted an increase to $2,250. Some time during that summer, Capital One sent me a letter saying my card is now a Quicksilver Platinum Mastercard without an AF.

It's great to have some sort of credit again. I had a $10,000 Amex at 19 and long story short, it did NOT go well and I'm still suffering the consequences. Regardless, I'm wondering how much more the Quicksilver Mastercards can grow. My first card ever is a $500 toy card a Capital One Visa from 2007, kept only for AAoA purposes, never has & probably never will get a CLI.

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