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Capital 1 initial limit recon

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Re: Capital 1 initial limit recon

Did you email & call them?  will keep ya posted. It the only card i have, dont want to have multiple cards just one..My scores are FICO EX; inquies..EQ;668(2 inquries)...TU;712 (1inquiry).. Should i apply for another card..?

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Re: Capital 1 initial limit recon

@SSCREDIT1 wrote:
Question.. So as of today I was approved for the capital one cash rewards card with a 1k CL+ credit steps of 500 increase after 5 months of on time payment and at least one charge. Anyway prior to receiving my card would it be worth my time to recon the initial limit. I have read that capital one is stingy with cli's and don't want to be stuck at a 1500.00 forever. Any advice would be great. I searched the forums for this and couldn't find anything. Sorry I'm a noob to the forum and want to thank you all for your advice as I have been reading for some time now and working to improve my credit for a year.

I'm not familiar with this card, but I know they have rebuilder cards that go in steps and my understanding is that it is very tough to get CLIs with those types of cards vs their prime cards.

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