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Capital One Love!


Capital One Love!

I know Cap One has a bad rep around here, but I gotta say, I am loving them right about now. I've been working on rebuilding my credit since December. I was approved for their no-AF Mastercard yesterday, when I have a CO with them from last year (account was opened in 04, and closed in 05)! Chase, BofA, Citi, Wamu, Amex, Discover and even my credit union denied me for credit cards. BofA even denied me for the 99/500 secured card. My utilization is at 6%, but I guess these companies just don't like the fact that I have COs and collections on my CR.

Cap One has given me a chance when no one else would. Capital One Auto Finance also approved me 2 weeks ago for a $22,385 auto loan at 9.95% for 66 months, when even ROADLOANS turned me down. Citi Auto, Chase Auto, Up2Drive, and my *CREDIT UNION* all denied me for auto loans.

I currently have 2 First Premier cards that I was looking into closing once I got some prime cards, but with all these denials, it looks like I'll just have to be patient. The only other cards I've been approved for in the last 2 months are Macy's Visa, Bloomingdales, and the HSBC Discover. At least there is hope for good CLIs, unlike with First Premier.
Chase Amazon: $3,000 | Chase Slate: $4,800 | Barclaycard Upromise: $4,000 | Chase Freedom: $4,000 | CapOne Platinum: $3,500 | CapOne Quicksilver: $5,000 | Credit One Bank: $2,100 | BofA Better Balance Rewards: $1,000 | Sony Card: $1,000 | CapOne Platinum: $300 | Amex PRG: NPSL | Amex Delta SkyMiles: ???? | CareCredit: $13,560 | Discover IT: $6,500 | Barclaycard Apple: $3,500 | Overstock: $4,500 | Wayfair: $4,000
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Re: Capital One Love!

Roadloans is the secondary company if Capital one declines you, use to be atleast.
I got declined for capital one and they sent my application through Roadloans and got approved.
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Re: Capital One Love!

Capital One gave me 2k when I couldn't get anything from anyone else, so I will occasionally stick up for them also.

However, now that I have prime TLs, my Capital One card doesn't see any action.
Here we go again...
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Re: Capital One Love!

I am also a cap 1 fan.  Just about everyone denied me, so I was stuck w/first premier and orchard and the only preapproved offers I got were for even more subprime ccs.  since getting cap 1 (300 CL/no hassles rewards), I’ve gotten

BA 99/500

Target RED 200

I'm applying sparingly, so that's why I've only gotten 2 other ccs since cap 1 (hooters denied me).  Interestingly, Target had DENIED me 2x BEFORE I apped for the cap 1 (and no, nothing significant had changed in my credit reports).  Granted, the CLs are nothing to write home about right now, but at least I’m getting my foot up from first premier and orchard, and the BA, Cap 1, and Target have *some* possibility of growing w/me (unlike first premier and orchard).  Just got the credit steps letter from cap 1 and it said on my 4th statement my cl will be bumped up.  People have said that they’ve been able to call the backdoor # before credit steps and get 500 and then get the credit steps auto increase, so we’ll see if cap 1 shows me some luv with CLIs.


I realize cap 1’s not as glamorous as amex, but at least they give SECOND CHANCES- unlike amex (who will never grace my wallet as they blacklist for forever…10+ yrs since chargeoff- NOT included in BK as I didn’t file BK…and amex still won’t give me another shot).

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Re: Capital One Love!

No love for me from CapOne....I have 3 BoAs CCs ($22,500 total CL) and Chase CC ($3,000) and they will not approve me.  So of course I called for a Recon, but they will not talk to me till I get my letter in the mail.  Guess I will have to see why I don't get love from them.
Sucky thing is they pulled all three of my CRs.  Three INQs for nada.  Oh well, guess they will be the end of my apping.  Time to let everything grow.
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