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Capital1 product change


Capital1 product change

Again, After researching on this forum (I love this place) I discovered Cap1 product change.

Product changed from QS1 (with $39 AF) to a Savor1.


Question I have is, I also have a Platinum (product change available to QS) and Walmart with Cap1.

Is there a way to roll them into the new Savor1? I dont use them and they have a very low CL.

I have had all C1 cards since credit building out of BK just over 10 yrs ago.


Thanks for any advice

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Re: Capital1 product change

It is unlikely that Any Co-branded cards can be PC'd at all. 

Regarding your other core card, you might get the chance to after a certain waiting period from the first PC.  The exciting news is that C1 has just started allowing CL reallocation again.    See this for more details.



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