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Changing Reward Cards

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Changing Reward Cards

I currently have a Barclays/ Juniper credit card with a rewards program for Spirit Airlines. I used to live in Atlanta, and flew on Spirit quite often. I recently moved to AZ, and Spirit does not offer service to PHX. So I haven't used the card in about 6 months, as I figured there was no point in earning rewards for an airline that I would probably never fly again.


I applied for an AirTran Visa, as I almost exclusively fly AT. I didn't realize when I applied that it was also offered through Barclays, and was denied for the card because I already had a card from Barclay.


So my question is, should I close my Spirit card, and reapply for an AirTran card? If so, how long should I wait after closing to reapply? Also, is it possible to just have them switch rewards programs, seeing as how both cards are run through the same bank? If it is possible, should I just call the 800 number on my current card, or is there a special number that I should find.


Thanks for any replies.

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Re: Changing Reward Cards

Hello mello, welcome to the forums!


I had a Juniper Carnival Sea Miles for awhile, and was tempted to switch it to a Barnes and Noble card (also Juniper). The CSR told me she would be more than happy to convert my account over, but that I wouldn't retain the history and it would report as a new account. 


Not wanting a new account, I declined. However, if you call the backdoor number they should be able to switch you over. Unless their policy has changed due to the current credit climate. 

Here we go again...
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