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Chase CLI secured message center

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Chase CLI secured message center


who has experience with Chase CLI through the secured message center ?

I want to ask for my wife because she don't want to talk on the phone with them.

Questions :

1. Should I directly include monthly income and rent payments, so they don't need to ask for it ?

2. Can you ask for too much (and get denied bc of that) or will they just counter ?

3. I heard that they normally double pull EX and EQ in Florida . Is that true ? I don't want them to pull TU. EX and EQ are clean, TU not yet.


I will be happy for any infos regaqrding their secured message center.


Thanks in advance


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Re: Chase CLI secured message center

It's best to ask for CLI over the phone.

You can ask for a higher amount and they should counter offer if they can't match it. Its best to be a little realistic as well so that if the amount you want is a couple hundred away from what they can offer, you probably will have an easier time trying to persuade them to increase it the whole day. Just my thought.

Chase can pull any of those 3 bureaus, or double / triple pull. It's best to just wait till files are completely clean.
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