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Chase CLI without hardpull

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Re: Chase CLI without hardpull

@acb5456  I personally hate HPs , not sure why. I find them unsightly Smiley Frustrated


My point was that SP increases are not the norm. For every lender that will entertain on demand SP CLIs, there are quite a bit more that do not.  I've never requested HP CLI, but if I know it's a SP, not only that I'll ask, I have the dates on my calendar 🤷


Nothing wrong with ranting, especially when it comes to Chase. They are way too big to care about what mere mortals think. 


If you're not averse to new account, close it, wait 30 days,  re apply for CSR, grab a sub and laugh all the way to a vacation.

Your CS is older than four years, you're eligible for a SUB. 



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Re: Chase CLI without hardpull

Echoing what @Remedios mentioned upthread, it's not that Chase is "behind the times", these are simply internal lending policies that will never mirror those of other institutions. Sometimes that's just how things roll for many FIs/CUs.

That being said, there are plenty of others like 5/3, US Bank/ELAN, BMO Harris, BBVA, BB&T, Citi Retail, NFCU, PenFed, etc., which will HP on any customer-initiated CLI requests. All have the capability to yield an auto-CLI depending on an overall profile plus other factors.

I've been to 850 and back, and while it's nice to admire the efforts in achieving such a milestone, a HP is merely a gnat in the grand scheme of things, unless you are in the process of obtaining a mortgage. I simply put those efforts to work.

So, there are plenty of options, take the HP if you really need the extra flexibility or capacity, apply for another Chase product and switch CLs around (if that's suitable) or just let things be.
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Re: Chase CLI without hardpull

This is definitely Chase's operating procedure to do a HP. Maybe they were burned with soft pulls, or maybe they just want to limit the amount of requests presented to them to control intake volume (we all know this board spams CLI requests). Notwithstanding, while YMMV, I have found that consistent use volume (not just adding a cable bill and forgetting) tends to help you gain the auto-CLI favor of Chase. Since my main spend is restaurants, I churned a ton of volume through my CSP (now CSR) and they gave me strong auto CLIs. 


What is the volume you put through the CSP at this time and how does is that volume relative to the current limit? That may be one of the issues you are running into with Chase. If the answer is "a lot and a lot," then it seems the Chase CLI gods do not smile upon you. 

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Re: Chase CLI without hardpull

I have had a chase presidential MC and business mileage plus for 7 or 8 years. I finllay just 2 weeks ago got auto CLI increases on both. Needlessly to say, I was plesantly shocked. I had fairly high SL on both so my credit limit was never an issue. The Pres Plus card went from 52K to 70 but the business doubled from 33K to 65. The only thing that has changed is my scores recently went from the 730’s to 780 after an old dispute I refused to pay fell off my report. So it is possible with Chase. Just not that common according to this forum. Both were SP by the way.

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Re: Chase CLI without hardpull

Ive had to put serious spend through Chase cards for auto-cli. I got an auto-cli after 7 statements on my Brittish Airways card putting 3k-3.5k a month on it & it took 1 year of 1k+ monthly spend on my Amazon for an auto-cli. I don't see their cli policies changing anytime....either spend hard & be patient or apply for another card...I believe those to be your realistic options.


BTW, auto-cli have been good for me. Took my BA card from 16k to 24k & my Amazon card from $6.5k to $13k.

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Re: Chase CLI without hardpull

Strangely the last time I got an auto-CLI on a Chase card I didn't even notice it.


Was looking at the account the other day, and had a "wait a second that tradeline was only 22k"  Turns out Chase apparently went and gave me an auto-CLI to 25000 back in Februrary and I didn't even notice.  Go me!


I think I've had on the order of 7 auto-CLI's across my accounts over the years, predominantly on the Freedom and CFU though have gotten one on the Amazon and Ink Cash too.


But as others have said, it's just their policy when it comes to requested CLI's: and TBH according to FICO, it's the right way to do it.  Frankly I don't ask for any CLI's (or new accounts) without expecting a HP anyway: seeking credit, expect to get the inquiry and just be pleasantly surprised if it isn't.

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