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Chase Freedom Preapproval.

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Chase Freedom Preapproval.


My wait for preapproval from Chase has ended Smiley Happy I always wanted to get the chase or citi but Chase came first, this also shows that My score and history are good enough with these prime banks.

The primary reason is that I am now looking for reward based cards and this is the first one I got in my mailbox.

This pre-approval says that I can earn 1 point for every $1 spend. Not the best one out there.

I actually want the Chase card that gives more points or rewards for the top 3 category.

So my question is should I apply for this preapproval or wait for more preapprovals from Chase to come.

Do they send more preapprovals with better offer?

Thanks in advance.
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Re: Chase Freedom Preapproval.

once your in the door with chase you can product change, get 2nd cards, etc.
I would Apply!
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