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Chase Recon APPROVED!!!???

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Re: Chase Recon APPROVED!!!???

Realestateguru wrote:
My bad on the delay! Just wanted to let every1 kno that I did recieve my very first Chase Visa! I guess the final verification was just crossing the t's and dotting the i's on their end cause nobody called me or my place of employment.  I have a $5k cl but cash limit is $1k and I don't qualify for balance transfers yet but they've sent me checks to use!!???Smiley Indifferent  Does any1 kno why its set up this way??? BTW, thank u to every1 for all of the info u provide! Without all of u, I would still be tryin to figure out how to get prime lenders to notice me!

Great!!!!!!!! what a nice starting line..Smiley Happy

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Re: Chase Recon APPROVED!!!???

What CR did they pull?
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Re: Chase Recon APPROVED!!!???

Thanks again all and thxs for the info unknown_entity Smiley Wink! They pulled EX and TU on me.
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