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Chase Ultimate Rewards question

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Chase Ultimate Rewards question

My friend was thinking about applying for the Freedom Unlimited card and was asking me about Chase UR points (Since I have the Sapphire). He is wanting to know if he can apply for the Freedom card and save his points to get the sapphire at some other time (since he probably couldn't get it because of a thinish file) and use them as a transfer.

I said I wasn't really sure since I don't have the CFU card. Here seems like the place to ask. 


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Re: Chase Ultimate Rewards question

Yes. Your friend can absolutely save the points and one day transfer them to another ultimate rewards card once they get one. Unless Chase changes policy between now and then. I have the CSP, CFU and CF, but I just got the CF a few weeks ago. Immediately I had the option to transfer my points from the other two cards to that card.

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