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Chase United Explorer Card

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Chase United Explorer Card

I have a question about how United Miles post to your MileagePlus account using the Explorer card. I had $35 spent on the last statement (on a card just gotten last month, so I'm not familiar with how it all works). At one point my United account showed me having accrued those 35 miles, but now, it shows them with a reversing entry in the "Most Recent Account Activity" section:


Activity Date Description Mileage Earned

11/20/2012Chase Explorer Card Purchases35
11/20/2012Chase Explorer Card Purchases(35)


What's the deal? Nothing was returned or anything. Should I expect these to show back up later or what?

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Re: Chase United Explorer Card

That seems weird. Hope the situation's gotten worked out since then

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Re: Chase United Explorer Card

What was it that you purchased for $35.00?  If it was a gift card, they may have reversed it as a non-qualifying charge.

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