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Chase/Wamu Card Combo


Chase/Wamu Card Combo

I know there are posts out there regarding Chase Product Change since Chase took over Wamu and some have been able to combine their Chase/Wamu Cards . . . but I just had to share this - I called Chase today and asked them to combine my $200 CL Chase Rewards card with my Wamu Card - CL of $1,750.  They denied me since I carried a blance on the Chase card within the last 3 months - It currently has a zero balance on it.  They said to carry a balance of $0 for three months and then it would be eligible to combine.


I hate this stupid $200 Chase Card - I think it is actually negatively impacting my credit score and I want to dump the card as Chase has never raised the limit (even after asking for CLI's).  However, this was one of the first cards I got to rebuild my FICO score, so it's a longer trade line, so I purchase gas on it every couple of months.  I'd like to dump the Wamu card too, but have kept it as the CL is decent and it's a longer trade line too (though I have cards with 3K CL's on them and ideally would like ones that are higher).


Isn't asking me not to use it for 3 months basically saying they will probably close the account for non-use??

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Re: Chase/Wamu Card Combo

I could be wrong, but it sounds like they just want it to have a $0 statement balance for 3 months.  SO theoretically you can charge stuff on it then pay it off before the statement date rolls around.
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