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Citi Health Card?


Citi Health Card?

Hi everyone,


I am looking at getting dentist's office said that they accept the Citi health Card .


Does anyone have any experience with Citi's Health Card? My scores are a little low, EQ is 578 but I am at an extremely high util right now and the only other badde I have is a 30 day late from March of last year so I am hoping I should get a bump for the 30 day late turning one year old, and once I pay down my util I am hoping to get a bump. Score simulator said  that if I were to pay down 90-100% of the balances, I would have a score of 687 - 727. I realize that it's not always 100% accurate but I'm just saying that I'm pretty sure myextremely high util (close to 90%) is what is killing me.


Anyway, if anyone could post their experiences with Citi Health Card that would be great.

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