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Citi Simplicity Questions

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Citi Simplicity Questions

After my recent success with Chase, I realized that I have some great accounts open, but would like to transfer the balance from my Freedom to a 0% for 15 months or so card.


Citi Simplicity has sent me two pre-selected apps in as many weeks.  I am afraid to apply to Citi because I have heard they are not good on recon, and I did have to recon with Chase to explain a 30 day late that I am disputing and a tax lien that I "co-owned" with my sister (her repsonsibility) who paid it AFTER it hit and decimated both our FICO scores.  Chase was GREAT about it and approved my CLI and my new CSP.


I have been hearing mixed reviews and YMMV with respect to the preselected status on these cards.  I do have a Home Depot through Cito which has never been late and has auto CLIed many times, including after the lien hit my report. My CL on that account is $7200, so I do have a good relationship with them via Home Depot.  Do they even look at that?


Does anyone know who they pull in South Florida?  And finally, are there recon options, and under what conditions do they tend to be successful?


I am sorry for so many questions; I want to be very careful about this, but if I am going to app, I only want to app ONE more time and be done.  As I said, I want to BT and also lower my util which was $15 before I got my CLI and new CSP.


WOW! EQ when I joined myFICO: 657. Ups and downs and a few bumps and bruises, but finally back over 700. Whew!

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