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Citibank CLI question

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Citibank CLI question

When I log into my account on Citi, I have a new button on the lower right hand corner that says "Request Credit Limit Increase."  Is the fact that it just appeared coincidental or is it a nudge from them to try?


My scores have been rising steadily, my secured card with them was recently unsecured and I'm pretty sure I read a recent post in which someone said back in the day, prominent placement (rather than being buried in a customer service menu) meant you were more likely to be approved.


I took the first step of putting in my income and desired increase, but stopped short of clicking "confirm" when I saw the "You authorize us to check your credit" disclaimer.  Does anyone know if they do a hard or soft pull for a CLI?

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Re: Citibank CLI question

It looks like the soft/hard/neither varies on each account (


As for the appearance of the button as my scores have improved, I'd still love to hear your thoughts.

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Re: Citibank CLI question

They do a soft pull... I just recently did that, requested a 1,000 increase, and went from 2500 to 3500. It was instantly given to me. 

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Re: Citibank CLI question

@Switch2007 wrote:

They do a soft pull... I just recently did that, requested a 1,000 increase, and went from 2500 to 3500. It was instantly given to me. 

They've done a hard pull on my World M/C.  Be careful with this, YMMV.

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Re: Citibank CLI question

Be careful, and mindful of the time between user generated CLI requests. I recently asked for one less than two months ago, and while my CLI request was given without a hard or soft pull, the link to request a CLI is still there, appearing as it did before my first request. If it's been awhile, you probably have a better chance of getting in a request without a hard pull. If I clicked on the link again after just getting my request approved a little over a month ago, I'd probably get a hit.

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Re: Citibank CLI question

u never know what happens , they specifically say that they  will pull your credit report in the initial screen. Always try calling a CITI CSR and  they will be happy to assist you. They will be okk with 1000$ increases.  If this is a new card wait for 6 months or u can CLI every 3 - 6 months after that initial period

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Re: Citibank CLI question

I just did a CLI increase over the phone. They asked what I wanted, also about my job. I asked numerous times if it is a hard or soft and they said "oh it's soft, we just pulled a recent report on 7/1/11." 


However, he said you can call the automated number and/or log back in to the system in about a half hour to find out. :-\. Well, if it does fail and I don't get it, at least it was a soft and no other cards will find out about it! This is for my Citi Thank You Preferred.


I asked to go from $3,000 --> $5,000



Edit: 9:42PM  (8 minutes later) - I got my increase! Yay! Didn't get an alert from EQ or TU yet, so I'm guessing it truly was soft. You can never be so sure! So paranoid sometimes.

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Re: Citibank CLI question

Congrats Smiley Happy 

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Re: Citibank CLI question

I have a freeze on my reports and just did a CLI on both of my Citi cards yesterday... one came back with auto counter of 1250; the other said it was to be reviewed and I would know in 30 minutes. Came back with a response of  "An insufficient number of satisfactory credit references were recorded on your credit bureau report." and no CLI. Just checked CMS this morning and no hard pulls for either... I am somewhat amused at the "insufficient number" response as my reports are solid. I guess the freeze kept them from performing a hardpull. Good stuff.

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Re: Citibank CLI question

I'm planning to request a CLI from $6,300 to $10,000 next month. Currenlty have a balance of $1,500. I got this card in Jun 2009 with initial CL of $3,600. 12 months down the line got an auto CLI to $6,300 in Aug 2010. If i do't get it this time will try beginiing of next month in Sep 2011.

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