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Closed my QS1

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Closed my QS1

Cap1 closed.JPG

My anniversary was coming next month and I'm not interested in paying the AF when I have much better cards now.


I didn't use the card much after the first couple months. Too busy with SUBs, Discover cash back match and now NFCU Flagship effectively replaced it. I got the steps CLI but was rejected for all others due to lack of use unsurprisingly. 


I've been diligently checking the PC link hoping to turn it into a no AF QS but no luck.


At this point it doesn't seem worth my time/money to keep it if it will just end up in the sock drawer anyways.


Nothing against Capital One though. Their cards have features I like such as no FTF, no AF and no min redemption cash back. I've been thinking about picking up the SavorOne eventually but I want to stick with my garden goals.


Any thoughts or questions? Is there anything y'all would have done differently?

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Re: Closed my QS1

Good for you. Only thing I would have done was contact the EO and see if they could waive the AF on it.

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Re: Closed my QS1

The AF is only $39 but I get it that people don’t like AF cards. I probably would’ve spoken to someone when doing it and asking if you had any ore approvals for either Venture or Savor just as an FYI. The limits on their rebuilding cards don’t grow so understandable why you closed.

Their app is easy to use & definitely a bonus for no FTF
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Re: Closed my QS1

Nice! The card served its purpose. No point to paying an AF to a card you don't use and outgrown. 

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