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Closing Secured CAP1 - Deposit Return?

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Re: Closing Secured CAP1 - Deposit Return?

texaspete2012 wrote:

5 days for me...I had a zero balance before I closed

Wow that was really fast.

Was it a significant amount ?

Just curious if they pay out smaller amounts quickly as opposed to taking their time with significant amounts.



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Re: Closing Secured CAP1 - Deposit Return?


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Re: Closing Secured CAP1 - Deposit Return?

I called CAP1 to inquire about whether I had to have a zero balance before closing a secured card. The computer asked what I was calling in regards too so it may better direct my call, when I responded with closing my account it then abruptly responded with "okay your account is now closed"....well played computer!!!


Because I had a remaining balance on the card it took aprox 2 months before I received the check for the difference.

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