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Closing or Upgrading CC's?

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Closing or Upgrading CC's?

Does anybody have more information about upgrading CC. I have 1 BoA and One from CO card that I am interested to close but I was thinking about upgrading to any other card with rewards example maybe is better (bcs the long life history of CC)

My question is if they (cc companies) accept upgrading does you have the same account numbers and is it like same prior cc continuing life. ( I mean how is shown later in credit report)

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Re: Closing or Upgrading CC's?

I've always had the experience in upgrading that it is a new card and account number but, on CR it shows like that is the account you have had all the time. The new one I mean, all history goes with the new account. Good Luck Vicki
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Re: Closing or Upgrading CC's?

Thanks so much for quick response Mr greyhound2007.  You're a big contributor to this wonderful forum.  If and anybody else have opinoin or same experiance? Now after your helpful message I'll try to upgrade later those cards and not to close.
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Re: Closing or Upgrading CC's?

Keti, my experience with upgrading a BofA card was the same as greyhound's - new account number and new card in the mail, but with the original opening date of the original card.
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