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Comparing Amazon 5% cards

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Re: Comparing Amazon 5% cards

Excellent question @MrDisco99 

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Re: Comparing Amazon 5% cards

I got approved right away and had the "Gift" on hand for several days before using it on some items. I would apply for Amazon Biz Prime card next but I heard the Amex BBP is a bit better? so after gardening I might take the bait. I heard someone did take up all the Amazon offers. The store card, the Prime Cred Card, the Biz Prime card. Make sure you are getting a good "gift" deal as some people might get higher rewards. For example if I can remember. As in your case only $60 but I've seen it go as high as $125. Though the average tends to be at $100. So you're not getting the full offer as well as each card will ding u in a HP i believe. I'm not over 5/24 yet so these aren't really what I'm for tho I did get an Amazon Prime for one of my 5/24 slot because it's my first Signature Visa card.

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Re: Comparing Amazon 5% cards

Yeah I have noticed the bonus gift card seems to vary on the offers shown for the Sync store card and the Chase Visa.  I don't think I've seen it for more than $70 though.  The Amex business card offer seems pretty steady at $125.

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Re: Comparing Amazon 5% cards

Sign up for your first (or second) Discover It card in November.


Earn 10% back on up to $1500 in Q4 Amazon purchases this year by December 31.  (5% now and 5% cash back match in a year).


Earn 10% back on up to another $1500 in Q4 Amazon purchases next year if purchases are complete by your November anniversary date.




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