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Credit Card Checking Account Number

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Re: Credit Card Checking Account Number - Follow up.

Great Idea Adkins, funny how we all think alike.

I have a couple different checking accounts and that is how I would have gone if they wouldn't have accepted a credit card. 

I pay all our credit cards out of a separate bank account, its very easy to transfer funds these days between different accounts. Nothing touches our shared main account or savings account.


I'm addicted to getting cash back on everything so I would have to find a checking account that did the same thing Smiley Very Happy 

I know there are a few out there but my doublecash seems to beat everything so far.

250k+ CL and climbing.
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Re: Credit Card Checking Account Number - Follow up.




Just a followup....

Well we were able to join Planet Fitness without giving them my bank account.

I told them I did not have a bank account. 

They allowed me to join with a credit card and a backup credit card.

Weird thing was I was not able to pay for a full year in advance.


I guess people don't really have this question lol

I'm glad to hear they were able to "figure out" a solution.  I agree that it's a rediculous requirement to begin with, since there are people who have their wages loaded to a prepaid card and genuinely have no checking account (and many of them probably don't even need one).


It would be a shame to make this manufactured "requirement" stand in the way of letting someone join, especially if they needed to be there for health reasons. smh...

I have a separate checking account set up just for instances like this, when I don't want anyone to have access to my main account but they need to draw from a checking account. It's not connected to any of my accounts and stands alone. 

This shouldn't even need to be a thing in this day and age. My policy is NOBODY has access to my checking account but me. I'm happy to do an ACH into your account, but if you insist on me providing my checking account details, then I'll simply take my business elsewhere.




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Re: Credit Card Checking Account Number

Have read horror stories about canceling Planet Fitness !!

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