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Credit card limit

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Credit card limit

What happens to your FICO score if your card holder increases your credit limit? Does the higher limit create a greater liability for potential amount owed and therefore lower your score?
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Re: Credit card limit

No.  If anything, it will lower your utilization and raise your score.
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Re: Credit card limit

Hi Jay23! Welcome to the myFICO Forums! :-)


The potential impact of a credit line increase on your credit score depends upon other aspects of your credit profile. For example, as the previous poster mentioned, if you're carrying balances a CLI may reduce your utilization-- an appreciable reduction might cause your credit score to rise. If the CLI came at the cost of a hard INQ, the damage and gain might be offsite for no change, as another example. You might also see no gains if you're a PIFer and have no balances. At any rate, a CLI won't hurt your FICO score.


If you haven't done so already, read Credit Scoring 101, linked in my sig line. It's a great place to get a firm understanding for what impacts (and how) your FICO score.


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