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Credit1 Bank Verification?

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Credit1 Bank Verification?

My husband got approved for a Credit 1 card recently. We have made 1 payment, but when we went to make the second payment, it asked for us to do a bank account verification via trial deposits. We completed it successfully, but I just wondered if anyone has has had this happen to them. I have never seen a credit card company do this, so I thought it was a bit strange, especially since the first payment went through just fine.

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Re: Credit1 Bank Verification?

Yup . . happened to me. No issues.


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Re: Credit1 Bank Verification?

They did this on my wife’s Credit One card as well. They deposited 2 small amounts and then debited the amount of the 2 deposits. PayPal did the same thing years ago when I opened my account with them.

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Re: Credit1 Bank Verification?

I don't have a credit one account, but I know they have some strange tendencies at times.

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