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Crystal Ball

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Re: Crystal Ball

Yes, this is complex enough if it's your only card but if you have more....  e.g. there is another card that gives 3% off petrol and public transportation in London.  So, all petrol spending should go on that card, unless it is the month after the anniversary of the barclays card, and you will use the barclaycard 15 times that month and the petrol purchase will be one of the top five purchases that month....


And it's best to get the card 13 months before the big purchases, not so easy for many.


Probably most people don't analyze and just use it, but it's a great card for the spreadsheet nerd in us!


But check the instant access feature.  Once you apply on-line and are approved, you can immediately use some of the CL for online purchase.  Are there US cards that do that?

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Re: Crystal Ball

Yikes! At that point, I would probably just give up. As for the online instant CL thing, I think if you are approved online for most store cards you can immediately make a purchase at that store (and partner stores, such as in the case of BR/Gap/ON), but for general purchases, I don't think so.

I'm on the Barclays website now, and my god some of the APRs. 29.9% even for a "beginner's" CC is a little excessive. And I'm assuming the card with the 39.7% APR is either meant to be used as a charge chard or has extremely lucrative rewards even if you carry a balance!
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Re: Crystal Ball


sengpatt wrote:

bs6054 wrote:
Barclays have some wonderfully complex cards in the UK.  Here is one of my favourite.  Lots of opportuity to plan big purchases so you have no more than 5 in each month if possible, and then planning to have big ones on the anniversary date....



Earn 2% cashback on your top five monthly purchases and 0.5% on everything else. All you need to do is use your card 15 times each month for the 2% booster to kick in (conditions apply).

Enjoy a 6% welcome bonus on your five biggest monthly purchases. You can earn up to £120 cashback on these during your first three months (conditions apply).

Each year you'll get a 4% thank you bonus on your top five purchases in the month after your card anniversary, no matter how much you spend.

Once approved, you’ll be given your card details instantly, which means you can shop online straight away. Why not have a look at our short demo to see how it works.

Your card will be sent in the post in the usual way, view our FAQs.

You get all of this for just a £24 annual fee, which you can easily earn back by simply using your card wherever you spend.

Oh wow that is terribly specific. I think this would drive the compulsive planner in me a little crazy. Even when I didn't have any big purchases to make, I can see myself trying to predict which purchases will be highest each month and shift spending from my other cards and then look to a months ahead to my anniversary...I think I would be all right if this one didn't make the trip across the pond haha.

Sounds great if your anniversary is one month before Black Friday Smiley Very Happy

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