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Did I over re-act

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Re: Did I over re-act

Most gas stations don't report for 2 to 7 days.
1-14-08....... TU=683, EQ=667, EX=666
7-04-08....... TU=688, EQ=678, EX=682.......
.......4 of my 5 cards and a new car later.
2/13/09 and forever EX 693
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Re: Did I over re-act

If your card has fraud protection on it I wouldn't worry about fraudulent charges on your card. I just check my accounts every few days to make sure everything is kosher and that I have nothing to complain about. If something is a little slow to post I don't view it as fraud, I view it as a few more days of my money earning a pittance in my money market account.
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