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Dillards Amex

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Dillards Amex

I was wondering...


Is there a CL threshold, say $2000 or some other number, that makes the difference between getting the Dillards store card and the Dillards Amex?  And if so, is it possible to have your store card automatically upgraded to the Amex if you hit the luv button enough times to reach that magical threshold?


It might help if some others are able to post their limits and whether they have the Amex or store card...


I currently have the store card with a $1250 limit.

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Re: Dillards Amex

I almost want to say it is 2k, I started with 2200 Amex.

and if upgrade works the same way as all other GE cards, you have to apply again to get Amex and you may end up with a 2nd store card.

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Re: Dillards Amex

Hello posters, from my experience it's hard to tell. My DS applied at the store and was approved for the store card for $3,000.00. She has had the card for 2.5 years and still no upgrade.(CLI to 3.5k a year after approval) She has maintained the elite level since month 4. Please note that she currently carries about 4 GE backed cards, Dillard's being her 2nd. In comparison, I also applied at the store and was approved for the Amex card 6 months ago.(CL 1.4k) Her credit is older and cleaner than mine, therefore, I really can't tell you. She does have more available credit, but I get to pump gas before I go to the mall and enjoy the lovely food at the food court. Smiley Tongue

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Re: Dillards Amex

I opened Dillard's store card in 7/09 with a CL of $700.  Have hit the luv button every four months or so and am now at $2050 (18 months later).




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Re: Dillards Amex

I got the AMEX with just a $700 CL.I am calling them tomorrow about the CL and the APR to see what happens.

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