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Discover APR Reduction

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Discover APR Reduction

I don't usually pay much attention to my Discover Miles statement because I don't usually carry a balance - but when I received my statement this month, I found that my APR was 17.99% - their website lists the APR of the Miles card between 10.99 and 15.99%.


I called to ask why my APR was higher than the advertised range.  You get through to a real person within a minute - gotta love that about Discover!  The rep on the phone sai that he understood my concern and asked what he could do to keep me happy.  I asked if he could drop my rate within the publicized range.  He said he would... and also offered to give me a 3% rate on all new purchases for the next 6 or so months!  I don't expect that I'll need it, but it sure made me feel appreciated by Discover. 


My Discover limit is not as high as my other limits... but this made me feel like giving them more of my business!  They said that they wanted to be my "go-to" card...


Just wanted to share a positive c/c story!  Smiley Happy

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Re: Discover APR Reduction

CongratsSmiley Very Happy Similiar situation:I did not ask for this but I noticed on my account that my Apr for purchases dropped from 12.99% to 9.99%  I inquired did it drop because of the prime rate and I was told they did a review of my account and decided to lower it. Also, just the other day they gave me 0% on all purchases until my statement date of Novemeber 2011

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Re: Discover APR Reduction

If I end up sticking with Discover through November when my 9 month 0% runs out, I hope to have them lower my 15.99 to 11.99.

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