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Discover CLI


Discover CLI

From reading the posts I understand people have been having mixed experiences with Discover CLI's, so I'm just throwing in mine as well, prehaps it'll be useful to some folks:

I've had the card since September 09 with $2,000 CL, never had an auto CLI or the phone option until this week, I was calling to ask about something else and I found the option to request a CLI available,so I requested $2,000 more and they transferred me to a CSR who said a couple of interesting things:

1. The maximum CLI they can give anyone (usually) is $2,000.

2. They will do a hard pull for my credit report (not a soft anymore because of the CARD act, she said)

3. On why I never got an auto CLI (and I've been using the card and PIF), she said they review the accounts on the anniversary month every year now and decide that. (I know some people have been getting increases every 3 months, so maybe some accounts are better than others?)


I declined the ding until I make sure everything looks decent there.


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Re: Discover CLI

I'm not sure if the rep that I spoke to was reading the same script as the one you spoke to. 6 months ago I could ask for CLI with out a hard pull, but this time they wouldn't do with out a hard pull.

What's in your wallet?
-Not Capital One.
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Re: Discover CLI

Maybe it's completely random? Maybe with Discover, they grant CLIs over IVR or auto on their own timeframe. Sure, there are many folks that say they get an increase every 3 months automatically and others have called the IVR and gotten a nice increase. Personally, I got the card 12/08 (initial limit $5490) and didn't use it. After many months, I'd use it sporadically and roughly 10 months after opening an account, I called the IVR and got another 2K. There were threads here saying that if the option was present, that meant--usually--you were eligible for an increase. I tried every couple months thereafter since I still had the option available but was denied. No hard pull, no representative involvement, nothing. I then decided to let the clock reset and I was going to try again this June. Here, I log into my account the other day to find a $1500 increase--completely auto and very welcomed. I'm not complaining, but it seems to vary from cardholder to cardholder. The CSR's told many including myself that the highest limits they granted in late 08/early 09 was 12K, but this too has not been strictly obeyed. Other members here get regular increases and some never do. In my personal estimation, Discover has their own formula for CLIs, BT offers, and rate reductions/increases. There are also reports of cardholders getting increases on their anniversaries. Who knows???

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