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Discover floating due dates?

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Re: Discover floating due dates?

Chat was quick and easy.  The SR told me it was a permanent change to the 12th and it was because I signed up for DirectPay last month.


Previous to this, I had an autopay set up through my bank for $50 every two weeks but since I am retiring from using the Discover card soon (once the annual cash back match ends the card goes sock drawer), I switched to DirectPay to just take out the "Full Statement Balance" if there is one.


For whatever reason, it changed my due date 4 days ahead but did NOT change my next statement date.  Interesting.

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Re: Discover floating due dates?

I don't know about Discover, but my Citi statement closing date always moves.  It was the 23rd, then the 24th, then the 25th and this month is the 26th.  I believe the payment due date is always the 22nd, though, although I'm not 100% certain about that.

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Re: Discover floating due dates?

@BrutalBodyShots my Citi due date is always the 13th but statement can close on 15th, 16th, or 17th, depending on the month.  DW's due date is always the 17th, but closes on the 19th, 20th, or 21st.  At least they show you the next closing date right below your current balance when you log in so there's no guess work like the Synchony Amazon card, for instance.  Like my Amex example above, you could probably make the closing date the same every month by setting the due date to late in the month, but not so late that February causes an issue.

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