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Discover it and "Recommended Offer"

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Re: Discover it and "Recommended Offer"

No annual fee     
100% U.S. based customer service available any time     
No late fee for your first late payment     
Paying late won't increase your APR     
No overlimit fee     
No foreign transaction fee     
5% cash back in categories that change each quarter offered to all cardmembers     
Unlimited 1% cash back, not points, on all other purchases     
Pay for millions of items with your rewards at     
Pay your bill 'til midnight (ET) the day it's due by phone or online     
Choose your payment due date online or by phone     
Lower rate, lower payment or other help after job loss     
Automatic expedited delivery of your new card

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Re: Discover it and "Recommended Offer"

Also looks like links from website from Discover are being referred to Discover IT as well...saw an advertisement for Discover Open Road Student, clicked on it for giggles, and though it directs you to a website that says "apply now" for a Discover student card, it doesn't specify which one...hitting the "apply now" button forwards you on to the Discover IT benefits...


Looks like Discover is sticking to two flavors of personal cards from now until the forseeable future: Discover IT and Discover IT Student.

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Re: Discover it and "Recommended Offer"

Sad to see them let the More card go. Tomorrow they probably will announce a revamp of their credit card products. 

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Re: Discover it and "Recommended Offer"

Wow, I just applied & got approved for the More on Wed. Also, chose 2 diff. card designs. Glad I apped when I did.

It looks like they are still offering the "Miles" card but I don't see the "Escape" card anywhere on the website.

Just a side note- the US based call centers is not specific to the "It" card, it applies to ALL Discover cards. Discover doesn't have overseas call centers. The benefit list on the "It" page lists the benefits of the "It" card to competitor cards, not to other Discover cards. 

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Re: Discover it and "Recommended Offer"

I contacted customer service regarding the rewards program and she said:


Now, Discover it offers a broad set of features designed to treat you right, all with no annual fee. Based on what customers have told us they want from a credit card, we have created an unrivaled combination of benefits that includes customer service from the U.S. whenever you want, and cash rewards on every purchase of a full 1% as of 12/16/12.


So it looks like that Terms and Conditions link is just old information that hasn't been updated yet.

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Re: Discover it and "Recommended Offer"

Creditaddict wrote:

According to Phone Rep I spoke with about applying Discover does not to Pre-Approvals ABOVE just buying information about people that "may" fit... she said they can not HP or SP someone without more info... I asked if this was a new Discover Thing because I was pretty sure the "pre-approval" link use to actually find offers based on a SP and had seen someone get approved after doing this... she said not possible.

So I again said okay is this a Discover thing because if you are saying banks can't do SP to offer cards to you based on SP you are very wrong... we have many banks these days that make offers on website after SP.

still not sure, I have found Discover reps being much more knowledgable and nice in the past 6+ months then this lady was.

oh well Im not applying.


as far as iT, think it's basically exact same as More, I would switch for the card design! lol

I've had a soft pull on EQ from Discover every week for the past 6 months.  I've also received pre-approved offers every week for the past 6 months from them so I'd say this rep isn't all that educated.  Funny how my offer has gone from 15.99% to 18.99% APR LOL.  I'm not applying for the 15.99%, why would I do the 18.99?  

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