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Does adding an AU at time of app help?

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Does adding an AU at time of app help?

Just thinking about how this looks from the credit grantors piont of view.  If you app and opt to add an AU at time of app (before submitting) could the additional avenue of use be a factor in approval?  I know they only ask for your income and pull your CR but the thought of additional charges seems like it would be a desireable gain for them.  Or it could be detrimental and cause a decline because the potential additional usage is calculated against only your income.

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Re: Does adding an AU at time of app help?

IMO it won't help with the approval. 

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Re: Does adding an AU at time of app help?

I've asked a few credit officers about this and was told adding a AU doesn't affect their underwriting decision. However, it DOES matter if you add a joint cardmember.

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