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Does chase allow forwarding of new cards?

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Re: Does chase allow forwarding of new cards?

My card was sent to my home address, where I don't get mail, we have PO Boxes here, so the USPS returned it. I called chase and they sent me out a new one with all supporting documents within 2 days. Chase is one of the best banks I've had in all the years I've been banking, and I'm even more impressed with their credit card services.

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Re: Does chase allow forwarding of new cards?

adavis425 wrote:

MountainHiker wrote:

This has been a hectic week and a some what weird one.Thanks for all the responses.I'm not clear on what the Chase policy is regarding their rules for forwarding credit cards.You would think the evelope would be plain as to avoid additional attention. I did not know if the words on it could say, "DO NOT FORWARD" But I called today and the rep gave me a response that left the question hanging,she went all around the answer I needed to hear. So I decided to call back again this evening and a rep told me that forwarding would be handled just like any other letter. So now I don't know what to think. Every letter to date in this new apartment where my lady has been living has had the reroute yellow sticker on it.So I'm hoping for the best but expecting the worse.


Exactly. There's nothing on it to prevent it being forwarded. As long as you put in an address change, your mail (including Chase) will be forwarded to you. If not, it'll go back to Chase. So the only question is whether or not you submitted a change of address form, either in person or online. If you're receiving mail with yellow stickers you must have submitted the change. I wouldn't worry.


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Thank you.I was not sure what their policy was.Some credit cards companies have different mailing policy.I don't think American Express allow for forwarding, at lease that is what I've heard.Wanted to be safe.Thanks again.I will post the results in case anyone else might have this issue in the future.

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