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FNBO New Secured Visa?

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FNBO New Secured Visa?

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Re: FNBO New Secured Visa?

never in a million years   saw this one coming lol


i tought FNBO was a very conservative bank 


well im sure this is a good chance  for someone trying to establish or rebuild their credit history


with a big bank 


i wonder what are the requirements for aproval ?????



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Re: FNBO New Secured Visa?

A pulse, money, and a credit file?Smiley Very Happy


*edit: looking at another "site," I've noticed they'll go as low as mid 6's for their standard products, so I'd guess it's probably mid 5's as a low. After all, you're providing them with an interest free deposit for them to use.

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Re: FNBO New Secured Visa?

FNBO has offered this for years.  Not sure what the criteria is to setting it up etc.  It was originally designed to help their local banking customers who needed to establish credit to get a secured card to help them build.  THe problem is that they are so conservative that a person struggling with credit cannot open an account with them.  You use to have to have a fairly decent credit score to have a checking account with them.  Not sure if that has changed in the past few years or not.

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