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Fear of the decline

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Re: Fear of the decline

It's frustrating;


I had just received a USAA AMEX with a 3k limit, and had only charged a McD's breakfast on it.  I tried to pay for a $150 equipment rental and was declined.  I used my WF Visa instead.  So much for my free bonus points.  The clerk there thought it might be an address mismatch, because my account with them had my work address.  It worked ten minutes later at the hardware store.


Then, I had lunch, no problem.  Bought some groceries, no problem.  I tried to get gas, declined at the pump but approved inside.  Later I went to the hardware store again and was declined for a ten dollar transaction.  


I called USAA on the way home, and had to spend 10 minutes telling them my address, phones, emails, etc. because they said I had to update them.  Then, finally I find out it's the fraud dept I need, and the transfer drops me.


I call again, ask CS to xfer me to fraud and also give me the direct extension in case the call is dropped again.  Of course, it was, and the extension was 1 number short.  Back to the CS, this time I made them stay on the line while we went to Fraud.  I was about ready to shred the damn card at this point.  What a PITA!


Turns out, after the 1st McDonalds transaction my account was flagged for unusal activity.  They said "You're charging things that you normally don't charge".  Um, it's a new account, anything I charge meets that criteria.  I tried to explain that but I don't think they got it.  I have previously had a high level of satisfaction with USAA, but had this been my first experience with them I might not still be a customer.


In any case, they cleared it.  I have been using this card for all of my daily expenses, gas, etc. as planned to get my promotinal rewards points, and since then it has been fine.


But I won't be going on any trips without a backup.


Oh, and one more thing to note, it didn't show up as "DECLINED", but instead showed up as "Not Processed".  Still embarassing when you have people in line behind you waiting as you try to scramble for a credit card that can pay for a nine dollar toy tractor.

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Re: Fear of the decline

I had a decline a few months ago, but it was quickly fixable.  I used my ATM card to buy stuff, but had forgotten I paid something, so there wasn't enough money - I don't opt for overdraft "protection," I just let them decline.   When the cashier said my card was declined, I was confused, especially since it was the first time ever that's happened to me on this account.  So I logged onto my online banking account with my phone, transferred some money from my saving account to my checking (instant transfer) and asked her to swipe it again.  She swiped it, approved, and I thanked her.


Usually the people are really nice about telling you it's declined.  They're just like "It says it's declined," or something along those lines, very politely.  I often wonder why people get upset and angry at the cashiers, when it's their card that's over the limit.  It's not like the cashier maxed out your card.

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